The Bottom Feeder Cordless Battery Powered Pool Vacuum - New & Improved

  • $1,535.00


Order includes:

  • Vacuum Head
  • New 1.5-Hr. LiFePO4 Battery Pack (full charge lasts approximately up to 1.5-hours runtime w/faster charge capability)
  • Portability Kit (Battery Cable w/Switch, 20" Pole Extension, & High-Durability Handle)
  • 5A Battery Charger (charges over 50% faster)
  • Spare Battery Cable
  • (2) 100 Micron Debris Bags (Med & Small).

Pole not included


Fast. Light. Powerful.

Finish vacuuming a pool faster and easier with The New & Improved Bottom Feeder Professional-Grade Battery-Powered Swimming Pool Vacuum. This cordless portable pool vac is so lightweight and easy to use, you can carry everything in one hand in only one trip from the truck to every pool on your route. With no hoses, long cords or carts, simply connect the new 1.5-Hr. rechargeable LiFePO4 battery poolside, and you’re off and running in seconds – no sinking hoses, untangling cables or priming to deal with. This cordless pool vac simply is the best tool to vacuum swimming pools in minutes, freeing up valuable time on your pool route. Weighing in at only 18 lbs., this compact and lightweight battery-powered pool vacuum is the lightest commercial-duty swimming pool vacuum system available.

Compact and powerful, The Bottom Feeder’s high-torque onboard motor produces more than enough thrust to make it effective at picking up leaves, twigs, small stones and coins along with the finer debris - especially utilizing our signature “The 57” Super-Duper Fine 57 Micron Debris Bag - and can vacuum in as little as four inches of water. Our new generation lower-amperage, higher-torque motor allows the battery’s runtime to last up to two hours or more before needing a recharge. Coupled with a light and sturdy aluminum frame with stainless steel reinforcement, our portable battery underwater powered vacuum system has increased durability, cutting down on wear and tear and the need for repairs or replacement parts. Designed by professionals for professionals, The Bottom Feeder is a revolutionary pool cleaning system that combines American ingenuity with lightweight flexibility.


Portability Kit

Portability Kit

  • $209.00

Includes Portability Switch Cord, 20" Pole Extension, & High-Durability Easy-Carry Handle.

Filter & Assembly

Filter & Assembly

  • $269.00


The Bottom Feeder® 20 Micron Cartridge Filter Assembly

  • 60 ft.² of 20 micron Reemay® fabric
  • Cartridge separates from filter assembly for easy cleaning and re-use
  • Replacement cartridges available for purchase